About the artist

David Warren has painted and drawn all his life.
At age four he received his first art lesson from
his aunt, who helped him observe the blue sky
and how it meets the earth at the horizon. His
school electives were art classes, and during his
senior year in high school he entered a regional
art competition and won first place awarding him
a full scholarship to Kilgore Junior College. He
later graduated with a BA in Art from Texas A &
M, Corpus Christi, also under full scholarship.
David was awarded the Who’s Who in Art in 1982
and made the Dean’s list.
Selected Collectors

The City of Austin, Texas
Airport poster collection

The City of Bastrop, Texas
City Hall Permanent Display

Holland Hotel, Alpine, Texas

Lost Pines Hyatt Regency Resort, Bastrop, Texas

Happy Horse Hotel, Cedar Creek, Texas

Texas Eye Associates, Houston, Texas
Collection dispersed

The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas
Exhibition Models 1986 – 1994

Walter Hopps’ Estate, Houston, Texas

Clyde Clardy Jr., Cedar Creek, Texas

Keri Blackman, Alpine, Texas

Carlene & Henry Tomlin, Bastrop, Texas

Faith & Dewayne Perry, Austin, Texas

Nancy Knight, Wimberly, Texas

Kelley Amen Designs, Houston, Texas

Martha Claire Tompkins, Houston, Texas

Debby Breckeen, Houston, Texas / Mexico

William Lassiter, Houston, Texas

Salley Vaughn, Houston, Texas

Bob Butler – Sonny Burt, Dallas, Texas

Barbara & William Bergen, Alexander, Arkansas

Nancy & Paul Saliterman, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bruce Fields, Bryce Canyon, Utah

...and more folks in California, New York, Wyoming,
Connecticut and Taiwan who wish to remain anonymous.
Gallery Representatives
& Exhibition History

Currently showing:

Art Gallery H, Tubac, Arizona                                            

Artisans, Fredricksburg, Texas                                         

Keri A. Blackman formally of Kiowa Gallery, Alpine, Texas                                        


Past shows:

Ladybird Wildflower Center, Austin, Texas                                           May 2015
Spring Fundraising Gala

The Contemporary Austin                                                                           February 2015
5 x 7

Wilhelmi Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi, Texas                                    December 2014
Impression / Expression

Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, Texas                                                            August 23 - October 18 2014
The Legendary Collection of
Bob Butler and Sonny Burt

Ladybird Wildflower Center, Austin, Texas                                             May 2014
Spring Fundraising Gala

Ladybird Wildflower Center, Austin, Texas                                             May 2013
Spring Fundraising Gala

An Artful Afternoon Fundraising Auction                                                 April 2012
for the Lost Pines Art Center in Basttop

Leapin' Lizard Studio & Gallery, Terlingua                                               January 2008 - August 2011

Austin Bergstrom International Airport                                                     May - July  2010
Featuring Lost Pines Artisans Alliance

Lost Pines Center for Cancer Care                                                            March 2010
Bastrop, Texas
More Big Bend Views

Mary Nichols Art Center, Smithville, Texas                                               April 2009
Lost Pines Artisans Alliance
Nudes: The Body Unveiled                                            

Mary Nichols Art Center, Smithville, Texas                                               Fall 2008
Lost Pines Artisans Alliance
Inaugural Exhibition

Diva Terlingua Art Gallery, Terlingua, Texas                                            March - December 2007

Bastrop Fine Arts Guild, Bastrop, Texas
Big Bend: Intimate Views                                                                              September 2007

Wilhelmi Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi, Texas
MasXmas                                                                                                         December 2006

Bastrop Fine Arts Guild, Bastrop, Texas
Big Bend: Where the Sky & Earth Meet                                                     April 2006

Bastrop Fine Arts Guild, Bastrop, Texas
Portraits of Bastrop                                                                                       September 2004

Bastrop Fine Arts Guild, Bastrop, Texas
For the Birds                                                                                                   April 2003

YMCA Art Park, Corpus Christi, Texas
James Surls & David Warren                                                                    Summer, 1994

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas        
Out of This World                                                                                            March – May 1994

Wilhelmi Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi, Texas
Scene                                                                                                                May – June 1993

Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas                
Sit, Stand and Wonder                                                                                 Dec – January 1993

Wilhelmi Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi, Texas
The Red & The Green                                                                                   Dec – January 1992

Diverse Works, Houston, Texas
Out!                                                                                                                  May – June 1991

Visual Collision Gallery, Houston, Texas        
Mute                                                                                                                Jan – February 1990

Visual Collision Gallery, Houston, Texas                        
911                                                                                                                  Aug – Sept. 1989

Blue Star Art Complex, San Antonio, Texas                
Furniture and Appliances                                                                          July 1987

Gallery on Waugh, Houston, Texas
Furniture                                                                                                         May 1987
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The artist with a poster
enlargement of his Purple Prickly
Pear Bloom shown in Austin
Bergstrom International Airport.
During the next twelve years, David worked for
commercial art galleries and then for The Menil
Collection in Houston, Texas.

In June 2001, the artist’s studio was flooded
from tropical storm Allison. The next year he
moved from Houston to Bastrop, Texas in the
Lost Pines to escape the gulf storms and
flooding. In September 2011 the worst fire in
Texas’ history destroyed the Lost Pines and the
artist’s home and studio. He received a CERF+
grant due to the Bastrop fire.
Despite such
setbacks, David never quit practicing his art and
worked for 8 years in Austin, Texas.

After decades of soul searching
and  a long
term love of New Mexico
the artist moved to
in October 2019. The rustic cabin
shown below is David's 4th studio space, his
first that wasn't in a garage.
The painting below was inspired from the artist's trip to Bavaria
and Austria at age 16. This watercolor was part of the winning
portfolio for a two year college scholarship.                            

Monastery in Bavaria, 1979                                 Private Collection

This listing is most likely incomplete. My apologies to anyone left out.

I want to thank all my teachers in High School and College, most of all Daphne Lillienstern, Gary Frields and Bob Klau.

Thank you to everyone who has ever assisted me in my pursuit of being a full time artist.

Margaret Anderson                        Art supplies and general support
Karel Danford                                 Art supplies after the fire
James Hou                                      Shelving for the Lost Pines studio and general support
Russell Kyle                                    Framing assistance, studio furnishings and general support
Mary Long                                       Lost Pines studio AC and photography support
Miriam Smith                                   Overhead projector and Mat Cutter for the Lost Pines studio
Judy & Vic Vreeland                       Art supplies after the fire
Patricia Brady Warren                    My first art lessons
Paula Warren                                  Grandmother's kiln that got me back into ceramics
Jo Watts                                           Ceramics guidance and support
Hollis Wayne                                    Her largest kiln after the fire

and a special note of thanks to
CERF+ Craftsman's Emergency Relief Fund for my replacement kiln and ceramic supplies after the fire
Bastrop Fine Arts Guild and Lost Pines Artisans Association for additional donations due to the fire